Constant Contact Email Footer

The Constant Contact email footer is attached to every single email that is sent out from Constant Contact servers. It is the single most visible representation of the Constant Contact brand, and a significant source of traffic to the Constant Contact homepage. 

  Original design

 Original design

For years, the footer remained static. Internal teams recognized the need to update the footer, but due to legal compliance issues and significant internal red tape, none had seriously attempted a reboot. My manager tasked me with the challenge.

This project required a fine balance of respecting the needs of many cross-functional groups. For email recipients, the footer presents options to unsubscribe and other important information. For the business owner, it provides business information and potential lost contacts through unsubscribe. For Constant Contact, it represents a major source of exposure and traffic. 

Updating the footer required minimal design effort. The challenge of the project was in gathering knowledge and feedback from a large group of people scattered throughout the company. After about 6 months (and several dozen internal email threads), we received approval the new design.

The update resulted in a 265% year-over-year increase in traffic from the email footer. Consequently, the footer has become the primary source of viral visitors (from 40% up to 60%).