Simple Social Post

Later in my time at Constant Contact, I was asked to take stock of the user experience for the social tool and provide concepts for a streamlined posting experience. I quickly prioritized the first time experience of attaching social media accounts and the regular user flow of publishing content.

One important feature to offer users was the ability to manage multiple social accounts from the posting tool. This required the ability to switch accounts on or off at will so that the user could target specific segments of their audience. Testing and usage data (along with research-based user personas) suggested that this action would likely be performed once and forgotten. However, I believed that by undermining the "live" status of accounts, we would ultimately train the user to forget the scope of their active audience. In addition, displaying the panel acts as a reminder of the social channels they might not yet have tried and could encourage SMBs to expand their online marketing presence.

The biggest challenge for this project was filtering out excessive functionality and UI components down to the most elemental parts. Ultimately, I removed about six pages of progressive steps from the live social posting tool at the time.

Skills: UX Design, UI Design

Tools: Sketch, Invision, Adobe XD


First time user page, empty state

Image selection

First time posting after account setup

First time posting after account setup